Silver bookmarks, Silver Flask, Silver Boxes and Silver Diamond Jubilee Hallmark to Mark Special Occ

Published: 06th February 2012
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Historical wedding anniversaries resonate with no much tradition but elegance that adds extra charm to mark your celebration. Objects including silver tableware, silver frames, drinking gifts including silver flask, silver boxes, silver bookmarks that are engraved with a message or date and moment or gifting personís details can complement the special silver occasion.

After all journeying and reaching the milestone of 25th wedding anniversary implies youíd spent a third of your life with the one you have tied the knot and exchanged wedding vows, with one you always respect and look forward to enjoy time with. Its one milestone that is marked as silver and so right it is.

There are many people whoíd go by the traditional way of renewing wedding vows yet again in respect of reaching the silver anniversary (in turn choose it as a way to express their deep love for their respective partner). Renewing wedding vows is no nonsense tradition and is one meaningful culture and is celebrated amidst group of friends and family members. Who would deny itís a wonderful reason for good partying and getting together?

Silver anniversary is also a perfect time to pause and look back to wonder what all you have achieved in the years of journey and reminisce all those happy moments you have had together; itís a perfect milestone to celebrate for being together for 25 years of time.

If you have made plans of celebrating the 25th anniversary by just renewing the vows, then it can informal or formal too. But if you have had a low key wedding and you donít suffer from purse string then now is the time to renew vows in way you have dreamt; but who is going to say anything if you again stick to a low key anniversary?

In any case, part of preparation that celebrating couples stick to traditionally is the practice of having certain things in old, and few things new, some borrowed and some bought; but all chosen tastefully to complement the theme.

If you are looking for a 25th anniversary memento or gift for the visitors then it makes sense to look for anything that has silver theme. A silver frame, with your message and your picture can be a wonderful way of saying thanks to your wedding guests. Fortunately silver isnít an expensive metal unlike Gold or Platinum, who knows by the time you both journey together for more years you maybe in a position to gift gold, diamond or platinum!

Silver anniversary gifts do not have to be expensive, most people agree that it is the thought that counts so if you can find something that is personal to the couple it will be received with great affection and they will know that you have thought about them when choosing their 25th anniversary gift. Luckily silver is not as expensive as certain other metals like gold or platinum.

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